Connie and Bill are experts in the field of raw foods. This came in their newsletter this morning and thought it would be nice to share.

Hello Everyone,
I want to share what I’ve learned over the years about cleansing, its benefits and cautions.
I have done all the major cleanses, from a pure water fast for 7 days to doing an easy juice fast.  All the cleanses I tried had value, some more than others.  So I will detail each one, the major benefits and points where one should exercise caution.
1)  The easiest cleanse is a juice fast.  Just put veggies like carrots, beet, ginger, cucumber, celery, parley, garlic ginger, etc through your juicer.  Drink slowly an 8 ounce glass of it immediately after juicing.  Juice loses much of its nutrient value in as little as 5 minutes after juicing.  So it’s called “be quick with the juicing and drink it right away.”  When you drink the juice, sip it, swirl it in your mouth to activate digestive enzymes, and swallow.  Listen to your body and drink as much as you feel drawn to.
This fast will give your body lots of nutrients and it requires very little effort to digest.  You will have lots of energy and it tastes delicious.  I notice how my sight improves right away, colours are brighter, and everything is clearer  You can enjoy a fast like this for as long as you feel energized and clear headed.
2)  If you can’t do a juice fast because even that is too hard on your digestion, make cooked veggie broth for a fast.  Cook parsley, carrots, onion, beets, daikon radish, cabbage, garlic, ginger.  Drain off the both and drink.  Compost the veggies because it is the broth that will act as a cleanse.
This fast gives lots of nutrients too and is well suited for those who have very weak digestion.  Follow it as long as your body enjoys it.  Then you might continue with a juice fast and see if your digestion has improved.  The caution here is to use lots of veggies so your broth is full of nutrients and taste.
3)  The Master Cleanse  is one many people use to shed pounds quickly and improve skin radiance and energy.  It works very well for some and not so great for others.  Try it if you are drawn to it and see what it offers you.  You prepare a lemonade with juiced lemons, cayenne pepper, purified water, maple syrup etc.  For all the details of this cleanse go to:
The caution here is how you come off the fast and what you are drawn to eat after following it.  For me, I found I wanted to eat food I normally never eat, and that when I began eating again I was very hungry.  So I didn’t find it a great fast for me.  Be sure to follow their instructions on how to come off the fast.  Follow the protocol exactly for the best results.
4)  A water cleanse is something you may want to follow under a doctor’s supervision.  If you are strong and healthy, you should easily be able to do it for 3 days, and for me I found 7 days wonderful.  All I did was drink water and lots of it.  I found my appetite left after 1 and 1/2 days and food lost its appeal completely.  I felt wonderful on the fast, and I became very quiet inside and inward as the fast progressed.  I could easily cook for others with no temptation at all.  Light exercise worked, but nothing strenuous.
The caution here is to be sure your electrolytes stay in balance and that all your body systems are functioning and strong.  It’s always suggested to do it under a doctor’s guidance.  Also there is a great book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., called “Fasting and Eating for Health.”  It is a wonderful book and talks about the value of water fasting and the concerns that you want to consider before doing one.
5)  Another fast is one from a company called “Blessed Herbs.”  Here’s their link:   They have a fasting program with herbs to clean the mucoid plaque out of the colon.  This plaque keeps the body from absorbing nutrients properly and is a great nesting place for parasites.  It is an easy to follow fast.
You can buy the kit at NOORISH Restaurant here in Edmonton.  It is very easy to follow and a wonderful additional step to really clean up the inner workings of the body.
To learn about the top 15 foods that cleanse the body there is another website you may wish to visit.  Have a read and see what delicious recipes you create from simply going over the list of foods.  Here is the website:
So Spring is just around the corner, and that is the best time to enjoy a cleanse.   Start with the one you resonate with most and enjoy the journey.  It is a wonderful opportunity to know yourself more deeply and support the health and well-being of your body.
A most delicious, high, high nutrient meal is green veggies with pumpkin seeds and an olive oil and umeboshi vinegar dressing.  Yummmmm.
In a large skillet, add
2 large handfuls of string beans
1 bunch of washed asparagus with tough ends snapped off
1 bunch of kale or collard greens, torn small, with tender parts of stem cut and added
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
 1/2 cup purified water
Umebosh vinegar, one part, added to 5 parts extra virgin olive oil.  Mix well and drizzle over veggies.
Steam for 7 minutes or until beans are tender.  Remove from heat, serve on a large dinner plate.  Drizzle umeboshi vinegar and olive oil over top of veggies.  Limit dressing to no more than 1 tablespoon. This is a delicious lunch or dinner that I enjoy often.
To your health,
Connie and Bill

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